The Glory of Kolli Hills

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The Kolli Hills in Tamilnadu is a part of India’s most mesmerizing mountain ranges, located in Central Tamil Nadu and spread over the Namakkal district. The name “Kolli Malai” originates from Goddess who protected this entire area-a reference to how she came into being before creation itself when only sky existed yet no one could see Her because they were all hidden by earth’s vast darkness

The range covers around 280 km with heights ranging up to 1 001 – 1300 meters above sea level  Additionally, these mountains sit on top s dawn Ghats which run parallel to East Coast Southern

 Significance of Kolli Hills Road

Significance of Kolli Hills Road

Kolli Hills hairpin bends consist of 70 continuous hairpin bends will be an exhilarating one with a journey through the 46.7km (29 miles) long road at Kalappanaickenpatti

Breath-taking view of Kolli Hills

Whether you're looking for an escape from the bustling city or want to take in some of India's natural beauty, this mountain town has everything.

How many hairpin bend-do kolli hills have?


Kolli Hills hairpin bends consist of 70 continuous hairpin bends will be an exhilarating one with a journey  through the 46.7km (29 miles) long road at Kalappanaickenpatti

If you’re able to take it all in before reaching Kolli Malai or ‘the mountains of death’ as locals call them.

It is because there are so many sharp turns within these hills that make for some really fun twisty driving!

Up until about the 25th bend, things were going pretty smoothly but after 26 something changes – potholes appear often with patches here and there making sure every inch feels like home track again.

The ghat roads of India are a marvel to behold. These winding staircases leading up the mountain ranges were built by Britain’s colonial authorities as shortcuts between key cities and towns, with some dating back into British times!

The road to the top is challenging but well worth it. The journey begins at an elevation of 238 meters above sea level and ends with a height increase that’s 960 m higher than where you started! Along this 20+ km stretch, there are 70 hairpin turns making for quite some steep climbing – about a 4% average gradient per mile (or 5%).

The roads are winding and full of twists. There’s no telling where you’ll end up when driving through these 70 hairpin turn stretch, but it’s worth taking your time as they offer incredible views along the route with Agaya Gangai waterfalls on one side while also containing temples dedicated to Shiva at various points in between them!


Breath-taking view of Kolli Hills


Whether you’re looking for an escape from the bustling city or want to take in some of India’s natural beauty, this mountain town has everything. The climate is perfect all year long with never-ending views and little noise pollution so it will feel like your vacation didn’t even happen!

The Kolli hills are an ever-so pleasant height in the eastern ghats of Tamil Nadu. Home to many exotic plants and fruits that can only be found here, this mountain range has been identified by UNESCO as a site for conservation efforts due to its importance on earth history dissertation

The setting sun shines brightly above these beautiful peaks creating incredible picturesque views day or night! The land has not been touched since long ago. There are 16 villages that once formed the hill kingdom in the Orient.

There are many mysteries in this mountain country. You can go exploring and see the beauty of it. You can also keep some old traditions or make new ones for tomorrow’s generations.

When is the best time to visit Kolli Hills?


Are Kolli hills temperature too cold during winter?


The Kolli Hills are a place where you can visit the entire year. But avoid monsoon, and it’s just as beautiful during any other time of your choosing! In the colder months of the year, from December to February, it maybe cool enough for some light fog to settle over kolli hills.

However, March through June tend not only to offer more pleasant weather but also provide an ideal opportunity at their fullest height–when they’re covered in lush green leaves changing colors below us as we soar high up into clear blue skies above them on our way down from these sacred hills


In the End


If you are looking for a place that will give your body and mind peace, then the Kolli Hills should be one of our top destinations. This scenic hiding spot offers not only physical but also mental tranquillity with its serene beauty to take in all at once! A weekend getaway here can do wonders as well because there’s plenty of space between tourist crowds making it easier than ever before find oneself alone among nature’s grandeur just how she wants us–unstimulated yet deeply impacted